Fillogic Expands Delivery Options, Reduces Shipping Time by Partnering with SmartKargo

NEW YORK, N.Y., August 29, 2022 – Fillogic, the leading platform for localized logistics, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with SmartKargo, a comprehensive end-to-end ecommerce and small package shipping solution. By working together, Fillogic and SmartKargo are transforming the middle and final mile to get ecommerce packages to customers quickly and affordably. 

Fillogic operates decentralized, tech-enabled micro distribution hubs located in shopping centers or malls that ensure products are always closer to the end consumer. Through its Fillogic Hub Network and Delivery Marketplace, its proprietary multi-carrier network and sort/seg solution, Fillogic helps retailers forward-deploy inventory closer to customers, provide fast and efficient store-based fulfillment, last-mile delivery, returns/reverse logistics, and more. 

“Partnering with SmartKargo strengthens our Delivery Marketplace and our ability to deliver ecommerce packages quickly and affordably through the use of their airline partners’ cargo space on passenger jets,” said Bill Thayer, CEO of Fillogic. “As a result, our retail customers can meet consumers’ two-day delivery expectations without breaking their last-mile shipping budget.” 

SmartKargo is an integrated small package and cargo management solution that seamlessly integrates with Fillogic’s platform and enables SmartKargo systems to provide efficient air delivery of consumer packages for the middle mile, increasing margins and meeting consumer expectations of two-day delivery times. The cloud-based SmartKargo system supports all essential small package functions from customer management, pricing, operations, and warehouse management, making it a complete solution from the dock-to-door.

"At SmartKargo, we are always looking for ways to innovate and transform middle and last-mile delivery, and partnering with Fillogic allows us to do that,” said Chris Grey, VP of Business Development at SmartKargo. “We can help their customers achieve two-day delivery nationwide at alternative rates. At the same time, Fillogic helps us expand our network and fill our airline partners’ jets, increasing their cargo revenue exponentially year over year. This partnership is the perfect example of a win-win!”

Fillogic and SmartKargo are innovating delivery of goods through this partnership and their cutting-edge, proprietary software that complements each other’s mission. Additionally, the partnership helps retailers increase the sustainability of their supply chains by leveraging existing stores or retail space and cargo space on passenger flights.


About Fillogic

Fillogic is a NYC-based team of retail and logistics professionals, technologists, serial entrepreneurs and creative problem solvers with more than 160 years of combined experience. We are driven by a mission to help our partners decipher the writing on the wall as technology continues to rapidly transform the retail landscape. 

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About SmartKargo

SmartKargo empowers airlines and small package shippers with the technology platform to leverage the speed only an airline can provide. Whether you are a cargo company shipping from Miami to Bogota or a retailer looking to combat the “Amazon effect” to deliver a package from New York to Los Angeles – SmartKargo is the innovative solution that enables you to battle the status quo. With deep expertise in air cargo, technology, and e-commerce, SmartKargo enables airlines to open new revenue streams through e-commerce package shipping and delivery. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with key offices in India, Philippines, Brazil, and Canada. 

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