Fillogic Helps Accelerate a More Sustainable, Circular Future for Retail Supply Chains

(NEW YORK, N.Y.) March 30, 2023 – Fillogic, the leading provider of local market logistics, kept 18 tons of materials in circulation and avoided 65 tonnes of CO2e emissions in 2022, according to the 2022 Impact Report recently released by Closed Loop Partners, a leading investment firm dedicated to the transition to a circular economy, and Fillogic investor. The report highlights how Fillogic accomplished these milestones by breaking down supply chain silos and improving the middle mile and reverse logistics for retailers. 

“Fillogic is honored to have Closed Loop Partners’ support as an investor and to be acknowledged for our commitment to transforming the retail ecosystem. We’ve created a channel-free logistics platform by creating fulfillment efficiencies in the middle mile via our Hub Network and our Delivery Marketplace that enables businesses to deliver orders faster and at a lower cost,” said Bill Thayer, Fillogic’s Founder and CEO. “While our goal is improving supply chain visibility and helping retailers meet consumer demands, we’re also very proud of the added benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and keeping tons of product in circulation for use by consumers.”

Fillogic revitalizes the traditional retail ecosystem by transforming underutilized space in shopping centers and malls into full-service, technology-enabled micro logistics hubs. Through its decentralized Fillogic Hub Network and Delivery Marketplace, a proprietary multi-carrier network and sort and segregate solution, Fillogic helps retailers and brands forward-deploy inventory, provide fast and efficient store-based fulfillment, last-mile delivery, improve return-to-stock time through returns/reverse logistics, and more. Plus, since products are closer to the end consumer, final-mile costs, transit times, and greenhouse gas emissions from transit are significantly reduced.

“Fillogic plays an essential role in the often-overlooked reverse logistics infrastructure, which enables the recovery and resale of products to create a circular economy,” said Danielle Joseph, Managing Director and Head of the Closed Loop Ventures Group at Closed Loop Partners. “We have supported Fillogic because they understand the importance of both technology and bricks and mortar to solve this problem, and are committed to keeping valuable materials in circulation, reducing waste, and providing financial wins for their clients. We are excited to be a part of where they go next.”

Discover more about how Fillogic is breaking down supply chain silos, creating efficiency in the middle mile, and reducing waste here.

About Fillogic
Fillogic is the leading platform for local market logistics. Fillogic converts excess space in retail centers – shopping malls, by deploying the proprietary technology and operations to create local logistics hubs. Fillogic provides retailers a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable middle-mile logistics platform that enables its partners to optimize their existing assets – their stores, people, and inventory.

Fillogic is a NYC-based team of retail and logistics operators, technologists, and creative problem solvers with more than 160 years of combined experience.

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